About Us

Whites + Woods
is about balance

We are about finding that sweet spot; enjoying your wedding day, living in the moment, all the while creating the beautiful wedding imagery that you desire.

We love simplicity, with an element of luxury.
We capture intimacy and joy, elegance and connections, but also make sure to have a lot fun, and keep things relaxed.

We love to work with people who aren’t afraid to laugh, dance, play, run through fields, and be silly.

We strive to make the whole experience a memory you will look back and smile at!

We are
Hayley + Christian.

A husband and wife duo, who love capturing life’s sweetest moments in both photo and film.

We are a very relaxed couple, who like to live in the present moment. You will usually find us outside hiking with our pup, or dancing around the house while cooking up a feast.

We are completely transformed by Jesus, he has taught us an extravagant love like no other, and makes each day even greater.

And finally, we love hanging out with people. Being with new or old friends, especially if it’s over a wine or a coffee. If you would like to connect, please reach us over at our contact page. We would love to hear from you.

H + C